Guest Post: BIGGER than Burnout: Strategies for Winning the Silent Battle in 2021 GPA Journal

Note from bmpconsulting: This article was originally published in The Journal of the Grant Professionals Association in the Fall of 2021.  Reposted with permission. 

BIGGER than Burnout: Strategies for Winning the Silent Battle


A landmark study conducted in 2019 demonstrated that burnout is prevalent in the grants profession. However, given that fewer than 50% of the survey respondents could recognize burnout in themselves and others, the research team has come together once again, armed with strategies to share with grant professionals struggling with the conditions that contribute to burnout. These strategies fall into three distinct categories: personal (I-Care), group (We-Care), and workplace (They-Care). By choosing to implement these proven techniques, readers will build resiliency in themselves and create a community of care for others.

Read full article: 2021 GPA Journal

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